- Forget your heart just once, please!

- But this time, I'll have to forget my heart for a very long time.

- That's true, but you have forgotten your heart for a long time when you thought it was beating for someone, and you were wrong. 

- And if I'm right now?

- Do you really want to risk again? Are you ready for new possible mistakes and a new renunciation in name of love? It may be just another story to inspire your short stories. And if you really believe in love, you should know that what is yours will be yours anytime and anywhere. Now, let your heart to beat only for yourself once. You can regret just for one cause: not trying. 

- But how to deal with my heart which now is beating for love?

- Have you heard about self-love? I think you should know, girl. Your heart surely beats for love, but the truth is that it should beat for yourself first.

- What if I lost the love of my life?

- Well, it's because he was not the love of your life. Now, go and love yourself, and love the life before loving someone else! The true love waits, the opportunities not.

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